against the grain//regardless of resistance//find your courage

A Maverick Moments surfer is one who strives to take on the biggest and most dangerous waves, simply to feel connected to a perfect and unique moment. Each Maverick Moment is a challenge; an opportunity to find your courage, move against the grain, discard shallow social training and express yourself in the purest and most honest way, regardless of resistance. Maverick Moments explores not only the biggest swells and the most epic rides, but also the stories surrounding those waves. The individuals and communities surrounding these waves are deeper than the sea and more inspiring than the tallest wave.



Promote the locations, athletes, and sport of Big Wave Surfing through visually stunning web, TV, and Film content.


Create comfortable, stylish clothing that represents the core beliefs of the Maverick Moments athletes, filmers, and fans.

Give Back

Give back to our local and global communities by working with Waves 4 Water and Westside Food Bank.


Community Engagement


A portion of the profits from the MM clothing line will be used to fund

Maverick Moments surfers in their effort to seek out & ride the biggest waves in the world.

MM fans can actually promote the continuation of the series through purchases.


An additional portion of the profits will go to Waves For Water, an organization that

provides access to clean water to those in need around the world. 

MM surfers will participate by becoming Clean Water Couriers,

helping bring water filters to communities in need.

Their efforts will be featured in the episodes, giving the viewer a sense of involvement.



Westside Food Bank
Waves for Water
The Go Big Project
Go Big Aerial






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Maverick Moments follows big wave surfers from all walks of life and levels of fame as they struggle to balance their personal lives with their passion to ride the biggest waves in the world. The elite of this group also seek to be crowned World Champion of the Big Wave World Tour. Experience the lives they lead on land and the sacrifices they make for the sport they love. Each Film, Television Show, & Web Series highlights an amazing big wave location, its surfing history, and unique culture. Athletes include: Garrett McNamara, Francisco Porcella, Anthony Tashnick, Ken Collins, Erik Akiskalian, Grant Baker, Will Skudin, Trevor Sven Carlson, David Langer, Andrew Cotton, Hugo Vau, Paige Alms, Bianca Valenti & more.


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